Performances / Choreography

Facing East/DANCEVERT  (Live Music)
Current Repertoire

Available for bookings:


Staged works with light and Sound design. 

DANCEVERT has danced to critical acclaim 

locally and internationally.

Facing East/DANCEVERT (Live music)

Performance of DANCEVERT with FACING EAST  

Music Ensemble -a 

fusion of East and West.

Live music and Dance improvisation

Mini Performances: Community outreach programs

Performances that are staged in informal settings such as community festivals, celebrations, parties and openings.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Choreographic Commissions 

Award winning choreographers build dance works to suit groups of diverse ability, such as Youth Ensembles

to Professional Companies. Original or existing works can be staged, ( see repertoire links below). 


Teaming with other organizations provide synergy and resources.



Samples of successful DANCEVERT collaborations include:

Great Lakes Theatre Festival
Cleveland Orhestra
Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland Pops Orchestra
PlayHouse Square 
Karamu House 
Visual, technical, performing artists and musicians.

Collaboration with Nasa for Ingenuity Festival 2005

Samples of current repertoire available for performing and touring (click on title for links of works on You Tube)

PRESIDENT:                                          A humorous and frank portrait of a chief of state
EGO ACT:                                                              A portrait of a man caught in patterns, both graphically and psychologically.
WE ARE GEOMETRY IN MOTION:                               An integration of geometry and dance