Arts in Education

Dancevert has emerged as a leader in Arts Integrated Lesson design, which addresses both academic and artistic content standards.

We offer a wide variety of educational programs, including:

Assembly Programs:

Geometry in Motion

Geometry is alive and is the structure of our world . We create, measure and move everyday with the laws and order of geometry. What a parallel! In dance we create shapes with our bodies as we move through space and time with dynamic energy. Shapes, angles and lines are primary principles of both dance and geometry.

Dance Man

Pre K 

“Danceman” This Early Education program introduces creative learners to the arts as a means of expression of ideas, feelings and the world around us. Mr. Tom performs a series of dynamic pieces to introduce the art of dance and then leads everyone in creative movement activities together.


Workshops, Pre-K through 12

A Workshop provides students with an opportunity to work closely with
professional artists to discover the art in a hands-on interactive environment.

Limited to one classroom size group of children
One teacher adult must be in the room for each group of students

Workshops are 45/60 minutes in length


A Residency is defined as a minimum of three contacts with the same group (usually scheduled on three different days) it is an opportunity for teachers and students to work in-depth with professional artists exploring the arts and making connections to other areas of the curriculum.

  • Residencies vary in length and can span days, weeks, months, or even a year
  • A residency can be designed to meet your needs, your budget, and schedule
  • Residency workshops are generally 45-60 minutes in length.
  • We recommend a lecture/demonstration performance to begin your residency and including a professional development workshop for teachers. We offer Geometry in motion and  social  studies residencies that have many years of wonderful results. Additionally, residencies can be tailored to support the academic content that the school would like to address. This may include academic standards in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts or a theme or celebration the school would like to adress. Examples are:  simple machines ( science)  and the poetry of Langston Hughes from the Harlem Renaissance (Language Arts).

  • Geometry in Motion 

    "Every kid in the third grade scored 100% on their Geometry test" Mr. Sheppard, Principal Art ant Tech Academy, Washington DC

  • Video of Geomety in Motion Residency highlights (2 min.)

  • Community-wide presentations of student’s work

    The highlight of a residency is the option to present a culminating event or presentation of the student’s work. Working toward a public presentation creates a lot of excitement and care in learning and preparing (The process and the product). The coming together of the whole educational community also provides an opportunity for parents participation, completion and self-valuation of the students.

Professional Development for classroom teachers

Professional development sessions are designed to share skills, teach hands-on arts activities and provide models for learning across the curriculum.

Maximum number of Participants: 30
2-3 hours in length

Professional Development for classroom teachers with Tom Evert
Presented by Ohio Kennedy Center Partners in Education
“Dancing Through the Curriculum”
Bring meaning enjoyment, energy and creativity to the classroom through the artistic process. Learn the elements of dance and how to present creative movement activities. Learn some lessons worthy of a stage as well as how to create your own movement lessons that embrace all areas of the curriculum, such as examining, interpreting and reciting poem, reliving history through music and dance in a historical and social context or examining the forces of nature as we experience the joy of moving through space.